Imagine if Buying Beer in Ontario was like... Almost Everywhere else in the world.

Free My Beer

It's time to end the beer monopoly for big, foreign-owned brewers."

The Beer Store has had a near monopoly on beer sales since the end of prohibition in 1927. For years, consumers have been demanding more choice, and questioned why we allow this privileged status for a foreign-owned private company.

"It's a crazy system. It's also despised across the political spectrum. Those on the right dislike how it quashes free-market competition; those on the left dislike its private monopoly."

Globe & Mail Editorial, November 21, 2014

The Wynne Liberals made the most timid step forward imaginable when they allowed a handful of grocery stores to sell 6 packs of beer at the same prices as the Beer Store, and only during the same limited hours. It was the illusion of reform without any meaningful change.

Now Doug Ford has promised to open up beer sales to all private stores, but voters have been burned before by politicians who make empty promises and never deliver.

Sign our letter and tell Doug Ford to keep his promise!

Free My Booze

It's time to end Ontario's prohibition-era retail monopoly on liquor sales.

Ontario currently has 212 'LCBO Agency Stores' across the province. These are small, family run operations in small towns, licensed under the LCBO to sell alcohol in more remote communities. Still, big union interests would have you believe that we can't trust private stores to sell alcohol. We believe that consumers can be treated like the adults they are.

"The lack of competition in Ontario's system for alcoholic beverage retailing causes higher prices for consumers and foregone government revenue ... We find that freeing up alcoholic beverage retailing would result in increased government revenue, lower prices, and more convenience."

CD Howe Institute, August 2014

With Doug Ford's promise to open up beer and wine sales to private stores, it's time to tell him that it shouldn't be limited to certain types of alcohol. We can do better. Let's open the market up completely."